Vegan Singapore Noodles With Fried Tofu

The quest for a particular spicy blend, crunch, with a touch of sweetness is making your head spin? Don’t worry; here is Vegan Singapore Noodles With Fried Tofu you will enjoy. This takes the use of tofu and  and noodles to a whole new level.

The Asian continent is known for noodles but most people think those recipes are lacking in substance. The fact is, you can make a very hearty recipe based around noodles that will satisfy the heartiest appetite. This great vegan tofu noodle recipe is a great example.

Vegan Singapore Noodles With Fried Tofu recipe

It has madras curry powder, rice vermicelli noodles, sliced into strips red bell pepper, shredded Napa cabbage, and finely chopped fresh cilantro. Some crunchy pan-fried tofus are also thrown in for heft and protein. Then a little turmeric is added to heighten its yellow color. It’s also a basic simple veggie stir fry.

Maybe the best part of this incredible dish is more than just it’s nutrition and flavor. Since time is one of the things we all have precious little of in our lives you will appreciate the speed of preparing this meal. In about 30 minutes you and your family will be enjoying this great vegan tofu noodle recipe!

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Oh My Veggies. You can get this Vegan Singapore Noodles With Fried Tofu Recipe by clicking next page below.

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