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Vegan Skillet Pasta

Pasta is one of those things that transcends country or culture. Everyone, including vegans, loves pasta. This vegan skillet pasta recipe is one you can get excited about. It’s low fat, chock full of delicious veggies and it’s easy to make.

Starting with a base of pasta this recipe just gets more delicious and hearty with every ingredient. With onion, peppers, garlic, tomatoes, beans, corn and more, this is a full vegan meal. It has that southwest flavor and style which I really love. You can serve this as a side if you wish or as part of a larger meal.  Either way this is one vegan meal that is more than capable of standing on it’s own.  It’s very easy to add vegetables you love to this recipe to make it specific to your taste!

Get this incredible low fat vegan recipe for Skillet Pasta on the next page below.

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