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Vegan Brownie Smart Sweets

These Vegan Brownie Smart Sweets will make you stand up and take notice. They have an enticing array of gently earthy, mineral quality and slightly bitter edged. It’s the tastiest, healthiest raw brownies that will pass your lips.

These are the ultimate dark chocolate brownies. Most people prefer a milk chocolate taste. Not only is milk chocolate not vegan, it’s also not good for you. On the other hand, the delectable taste of dark chocolate has a host of health promoting properties. This leads to vegan desserts you can be proud to indulge to make vegan smart sweetsThis is a recipe that every chef should own. It’s simple and basic. It has a crackly, deep-colored crust and funky accent of cashews and pitted prunes. The final addition is a roughly chopped but still easily visible mixture of chocolate and sacha inchi. Raw, chocolate and no-bake are three of the most incredible combination. It is nice having a dessert recipe to rely on.

Yes, these are unbaked and raw. Can you even imagine this? Eating raw is definitely healthier and this amazing vegan dessert recipe also makes it delicious too. I mean, what could be better than eating healthy vegan food that is also really tasty. It’s kind of like cheating the system.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Bitter Sweet. You can get this Vegan Smart Sweets Recipe by clicking here.

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