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Vegan Smashed White Bean And Avocado Sandwich And Dip

Do you like sandwich recipes? I know they seem too simple to even need a recipe but they can be creative. You must try this Vegan Smashed White Bean And Avocado Sandwich And Dip. It has a fantastic filling that doubles as a dip!

Most omnivores can’t imagine a sandwich without meat. But they are really missing out. Vegan sandwiches are some of the most creative and delicious sandwich ideas out there.. This satisfying recipe is incredibly easy to make. With very few ingredients, you’ll have a healthy and flavorful brunch. how to make vegan smashed white bean and avocado sandwich and dip

You will feel completely fulfilled with this meatless recipe. There are white beans, chickpeas and avocados between the gorgeous sandwich breads. The satisfaction is limitless. They are mashed well but still chunky.  Then there are fresh tomatoes and sprouts. This simple sandwich recipe squeezes a hearty filling and delicious meal.

The only thing I would consider adding to this original recipe just as it is, tomato. That’s a personal thing with me though. I love to add big, fresh, ripe, tomato slices to almost all of the sandwiches I eat. I found it works good on this one so you may want to try it.

This vegan sandwich recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Veggie Chick. You can get this Vegan Smashed White Bean And Avocado Sandwich And Dip Recipe by clicking here.


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