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Vegan Socca With Garlic Green Sauce

Be a part of the Socca chronicles. This Vegan Socca With Garlic Green Sauce Lentils stands up well to flavorful sauces, and feels almost like pizza.

This thin cake of chickpea flour is alluring. It’s crisp and with dry bread texture. Almost like a cornbread. This thing is so incredible. And it doesn’t look very complicated. The socca is lightly coated with a drizzle of olive oil, then topped with green sauce, and scattered lentils. To finish it off, walnuts, spring onion, and tomatoes are layered on top of everything. Pretty awesome right?! This recipe will never cease to amaze. This one is yours and you know it.

how to make vegan socca with garlic green sauceThis vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Food Fitness Fresh Air. You can get this Vegan Socca With Garlic Green Sauce Lentils Recipe by clicking here.


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