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Vegan Spanish Rice Chorizo

This Vegan Spanish Rice Chorizo tastes amazing. It’s similar to paella and it tastes so good. This one is also gluten free, vegan, and full of rich traditional Spanish flavor.

Take a break from this world. There is no recipe in this world that can make you feel a thousand miles away and be in the place you want to be than this stunning dish. This recipe has an earth shattering goodness! It has a rich and beautiful color from the chopped tomatoes. how to make vegan spanish rice with chorizo

The chopped vegan chorizo is golden brown and packed with deliciousness. The Basmati rice is also amazing. It is truly a keeper. I really love learning new ways to cook rice because it’s such an affordable vegan food. And it’s so versatile. This easy vegan recipe has become one of my new favorite ways to enjoy rice.

This vegan rice recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Simple Vegan Blog. You can get this Vegan Spanish Rice Chorizo Recipe by clicking here.


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