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Vegan Spice Cake

A great vegan dessert recipe that is great any time of year, or as a holiday treat – delicious Vegan Spice Cake. This memory invoking masterpiece is perfectly spiced and incredibly simple to make.

The spice cake is a holiday classic that everyone loves. But it’s also enjoyed year ’round by many families like mine. We don’t need to wait for the fall to cook this delicious vegan spice cake recipe and devour it. In fact the kids request it often!how to make vegan spice cakeThe cake itself is perfectly moist and savory with creme cheese frosting. It’s not too dense, and there’s no need to layer it, unless you really want to. The vegan cream cheese frosting is also a new twist to the flavor of the cake that will need you to take immediate action to assuage the cravings.

This moist, savory spice dessert, without a doubt is deemed to be a crowd pleaser. It’s not exactly a healthy vegan food but you can work it into any vegan diet if you are creative enough. Of all the things you can make excuses to indulge in, I’d put this yummy vegan cake at the top of the list.

These gorgeous photos and vegan cake recipe are courtesy of Veganosity. Get this fat free Vegan Spice Cake recipe by clicking here.

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