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Vegan Spicy Battered Buffalo Cauliflower Burger

There are vegan burgers and then there are vegan burgers that make you question everything you know about burgers. This Vegan Spicy Battered Buffalo Cauliflower Burger will blow your mind. If you like spicy flavors with attitude this burger is for you!

The one great think about vegan chefs and vegan food enthusiasts in their creativity. I love how much imagination they put into make vegan recipes so amazing that not only vegans love them, but even omnivores do too. This recipe takes a very unique twist on vegan burgers and it pays off in a delicious way.

How to make a vegan battered buffalo cauliflower burger

Being a vegan I don’t eat Buffalo Wings of course but I do love that flavor. I also love burgers. Sure I try to eat healthy more than half the time but I really prefer things like sandwiches. burgers and pizza! So hey, I’m normal right? There is nothing normal about this burger. It is extraordinary in every way.

This vegan burger recipe combines the flavors of buffalo sauce for the spicy heat, a great vegan ranch sauce to tame it a little. You also get some great depth from that vegan ranch that takes everything to a new level.  On top of all of that is a burger piled high with everything we love about burgers. Who says a vegan hamburger is boring and has no taste? This one kicks ass! And as a bonus it’s also gluten free.

Thanks to the Patrick and Carling Yoga site for this recipe and the mouth watering pictures. Get the recipe for this Vegan Spicy Battered Buffalo Cauliflower Burger by clicking here.

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