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Vegan Spicy Potato and Avocado Taco Plate

I know, another vegan taco recipe. I post a lot of them because I love tacos. This taco plate topped with Avocado is kind of unique and worth tasting. This Vegan Spicy Potato and Avocado Taco Plate recipe is definitely worth adding to your existing taco recipes. If you’re a fan of spices, you’ll love this recipe.

We have taco Tuesday at our house almost every week. And then we will add taco Thursday. If there were more days of the week that started with the letter “T” we would probably eat them then too. Tacos are such a great vegan food. They are almost naturally vegan and when you make them right they compliment any vegan to make vegan spicy potato and avocado taco plateI tend to like the spicy side of life so I was drawn to the tacos. You can adjust the level of spice to make you happy but the combination is a good one. The heat of some spices combined with the rich cooling avocado is perfection. You can dig into this taco plate and not stop until you have had your fill. Yes, eating tacos from a bowl can be fun.

One of the easiest and most flavorful dinners to make, this spicy taco plate recipe is good for vegan eater. The red onion and peppers add a nice spiciness, while the lime juice and salsa complement the heat of this dish. This colorful meal will surely satisfy your appetite. Roast all the ingredients then finish with fresh avocado slices and voila!

Blue Ridge Babe is responsible for these beautiful photos and this great vegan Mexican taco recipe. Get the recipe for this Vegan Spicy Potato and Avocado Taco Plate by clicking here.

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