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Vegan Spicy Veggie Bean Chili

Has it been a while since you cooked chili? Then why don’t you try this Vegan Spicy Veggie Bean Chili. It’s such a staple throughout the winter months. It’s warming, comforting, filling and ideal for leftovers. And it’s great as a summer recipe too! There is no bad time of year for chili.

Want something easy to cook that everyone will love? This recipe has got your back. Super healthy meal chock full of plant protein from fresh veggies, black beans and quinoa, and a nice blend of spice is what this is all about. This dish has so many vibrant colors; it’s like seeing the rainbow in a bowl. Red, black, green, yellow, and deep purple color – isn’t it a crazy wonderful chili? how to make vegan spicy veggie bean chili

My favorite part of this chili recipe is probably the healthy fats and flavors you top it off with though. It really contrasts with the variety and flavors and spices of the chili underneath. And the creamy avocado and cilantro on top is the best! A little bit of heat to warm you up and some comforting rich avocado on top to sooth and satisfy.

If you are concerned about this spicy chili being a tad too spicy, don’t worry for a minute. The spice level is enough to get your juices flowing but not enough to burn your mouth and make you run for a cold glass of almost milk. And of course you can spice it up or down depending on your taste. It’s up to you. Vegan food the way you want it.

This vegan chili recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of The Glowing Fridge. You can get this Vegan Spicy Veggie Bean Chili Recipe by clicking here.

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