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Vegan Spinach Hummus

Try this vegan recipe if you’re feeling spontaneous. This Vegan Spinach Hummus is to die for! It’s extremely tasty and healthier variety. It’s also a good way to eat spinach. I love my hummus but I had never heard of anything like this before so I had to try it.

Enough of the recipes with no vision. This plant based food is bold and has the magnificent concoction of ingredients. Hummus is a great spread. It’s usually made with animal byproducts, hence contribute to animal cruelty. This easy vegan recipe is meatless, cruelty-free and overall great for your healthy diet.

vegan spinach hummus easy healthy plant based diet

To think that you can’t make a homemade hummus that fits your diet makes it so hard not to be disappointed. But no worries, this vegan food is going to make your day. Made from simple and yet quality ingredients – handful of baby spinach, chickpeas, roasted cumin seeds, tahini and lemon juice – you will never have to buy hummus from the store again.

I got this feeling that you will do it again and again. Even if you’re not a big hummus lover or a fan of spinach, you will realize that it’s actually really good. The phenomenal taste and vibrant green hue will make your hair stand. That’s how mesmerizing it looks and taste.

how to make vegan spinach hummus

Popeye is strong because he eats spinach. If you want to be strong like him, you definitely have to try this food. I know you will empty the container in no time.

This vegan condiment recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Yes I Am Vegan. You can get this Vegan Spinach Hummus Recipe by clicking here.

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