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Vegan Spring Rolls With Cashew Sauce

It’s light! It’s fresh! It’s super healthy! This Vegan Spring Rolls With Cashew Sauce is the kind of food you seriously need. You will love it for sure. From the very first taste you are going to love the rush of sweet goodness.

There are many variations of spring rolls. Some are made with Asian influence like Thai and Chinese. Prominent versions usually use meat and dairy products.  But this vegan version will hug your body with plant based ingredients and pure delight. These 30-minute rolls are loaded with protein-rich super grain quinoa. Plus a ton of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Who says you can’t make a vegan recipe even better than the original?

vegan quinoa rolls easy healthy plant based diet

Simple ingredients maximize the favor and appearance of these vegan spring rolls. This easy vegan recipe uses only quinoa, soy sauce, lime juice, spring roll papers, cucumber, fresh herb, cashew butter and chili garlic sauce. You may think it’s hard to make light, crispy and delicious spring rolls but you would be wrong. We found this vegan recipe to be very easy and rewarding.

I know you can’t wait to make this vegan recipe. You can learn how to make these Vegan Spring Rolls With Cashew Sauce on the next page below.

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