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Vegan Strawberry Sweet Rolls With Dark Chocolate Drizzle

For a guilt-free breakfast, try this easy vegan recipe! These Vegan Strawberry Sweet Rolls With Dark Chocolate Drizzle are tender with spirals of sweet berries and topped with a decadent drizzle. They are also a great dessert idea.

Make breakfast fun and super sweet with these vegan sweet rolls. These rolls are light and fruity and will feel like you’re eating chocolate-dipped strawberries for breakfast. The dough consists of coconut oil, sweetener, yeast, and unsweetened cashew milk. It also uses whole wheat flour to make it more nutritious, soft and to make vegan strawberry sweet rolls with dark chocolate drizzle

Then there is the awesome filling. It contain frozen unsweetened strawberries cornstarch which thickens the juices that the berries release and maximizes the fruit flavor. The strawberries spread and rolled up into the dough looks delectable, right? It’s simply stunning.

Lastly, the rich chocolate drizzle gives a really deep dark chocolate taste that complements the filling. These sweet cinnamon rolls look so gorgeous. Sure they may be a bit rich but you only live once, that’s my motto.

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Amy’s Healthy Baking. You can get this Vegan Strawberry Sweet Rolls With Dark Chocolate Drizzle Recipe by clicking here.

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