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Vegan Strawberry-Swirl French Toast

When you’ve had enough of pancakes for breakfast, then you better try these Vegan Strawberry-Swirl French Toasts. They are simple, exciting, and moist but not soggy!

This recipe will rock your morning. The maple and strawberry swirl on top, and sprinkles of hemp seeds, cinnamon and vanilla will get you ready for this French toast. There’s a list for why this recipe is so good: its’ loaded with protein, the fluffiness is undeniable, there’s never any dairy or raw egg worry, and they are done without special flours. These toasts are completely light, fluffy, delicious and sublime. They are browned on center and on both sides and the edges are blackened and crispy. There’s no reason you’ll regret these warm breads.

how to make vegan strawberry-swirl french toast

Healthy Happy Life is responsible for these photos and recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan Strawberry-Swirl French Toast here.

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