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Vegan Stuffed Peppers With Thai Sauce

Thai food is amazing. I love the sweet, spicy, savory flavors. All of that is captured in these delicious vegan stuffed peppers with Thai Sauce. A simple vegan recipe that anyone can make and is sure to impress you and your dinner guests.

The seasoning and texture of Thai food is so bold. It’s like a flavor explosion on your taste buds. One things vegans have in common is loving food with lots of flavor and this recipe certainly delivers! These vegan stuffed peppers are filled with a delicious rice blend that is simmered to perfection.

You’ll also find a nice assortment of vegetables, a dash of curry paste and some coconut milk to round out the pallet. This easy vegan recipe has just the right amount of flavor and pizzazz without going overboard. You can use whatever rice you like best but you will find arborio, sushi or basmati rice will work best. Once you get your peppers stuffed and in the onion they will caramelize giving you a robust roasted pepper flavor that blends perfectly with the rice based stuffing.

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