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10 Vegan Subscription Boxes That Just Keep On Giving

The holidays might be over but nothing beats a subscription box for making you feel like every month is Christmas.

As well as the hold-your-breath excitement of opening your latest box, for vegans the subscription box boom has also meant an easier way to support cruelty-free products from boutique suppliers.

It has also meant varying quality with some new players in the market who are riding the subscription box trend (which is getting a little too frequent in this writer's opinion).

We've dipped into some of those well-known and lesser well-known brands out there and sampled some of their wares.

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#1. Rosehive Superfoods Box

"Elevate Your Health"

rosehive subscription box

This box is plant-based and all about introducing you to new superfoods.

Rosehive reliably contains a recipe, a snack, drink, an herb, a superfood powder, and a cooking ingredient.

Oh, and one surprise element - be that Sex Dust, Teriyaki Seaweed or Coconut Jerky.

Who’s It For?

Given that you’ll sometimes get an ancient grain, miso paste or almond flour, Rosehive is definitely for the person who likes to make smoothies and other foods that support the body’s microbiome.

People who enjoy stirring up superfood concoctions and, especially, taking Instagram-worthy photos of those concoctions, will love the results they get from this box.

What We Like, What We Don't Like

Sometimes there is a crossover with ingredients you can find elsewhere which takes away a bit of the mystique. But even, these are not ingredients that are exceptionally easy to track down, so the convenience factor does count for something.

It is definitely on the upper end in terms of cost, however, but marries high quality and convenience perfectly if you are into discovering superfoods and crafting smoothies and bowls.

How Much Does It Cost?

Subscription Box: $34.95 per box, delivered monthly

Click Here for Rosehive Superfoods

#2. Love Goodly

"Live a Cruelty-Free and Toxin-Free Lifestyle"

love goodly subscription box

Love Goodly is based delivering a "cruelty-free and toxin-free" life with sustainable, beautiful and practical products in the home and bathroom (not so much in the kitchen).

This subscription box really is unique: expect the unexpected, from jewelry to scarves, make-up, hand towels, natural facial steamers and fragrance-free candles.

Who is It For?

This box is geared toward women looking for natural products, especially with regards to skincare, jewelry and beauty. The box is also just plain charming.

What We Like, What We Don't Like

We are huge fans of the mission of Love Goodly and their beautiful, thoughtful products . But if you are looking for something predictable - or edible - this isn't for you.

Katie and Justine include a notecard in each package with background information on each item that has been carefully selected.

You know it comes from the heart and that you are supporting an important movement... you just don't know what you will get.

How Much Does It Cost?

Bi monthly Subscription:  $29.95 per box

This includes about $80-worth of product, making this a pretty good buy if you’re up for getting a surprise in the mail.

The downside is, you don’t get to choose makeup colors (this made me want to scream!). A recent box came with a vibrant, bronzy pink eyeshadow which might not be to everyone’s taste.

Click Here for Love Goodly

#3. Vegan Cuts

"Discover the Best Vegan Products"

vegan cuts beauty boxVegan Cuts are about discovering new vegan products across their three subscription categories: make-up, beauty, and snacks.

There are also other gift boxes outside the normal subscriptions, such as the 'Primp and Pamper' and 'No Whey! It's Christmas'. Clearly, someone is having fun in the naming department.

Who Is It For?

The vegan snack box is good for people looking for a wide variety of food types. You might get an Ocho candy bar, Beanfield’s chips, a vegan egg. Or a package of marinated Seitan.

Each box comes with ten full-size food items, though most products can easily be found at most mainstream grocery stores.

According to Vegan Cuts, a typical vegan beauty box comes loaded with a number of liners, shadows, bronzers, and pallets. Most of these products are from smaller boutique companies (the biggest name we saw was Lush).

What We Like, What We Don't Like

Some customers mentioned that some of the indie brands look a little unprofessional, but we like that they’re working with burgeoning vegan companies with a greater emphasis on small batches and cruelty-free production.

How Much Does It Cost?

Make-up box: $39.95 every two months

Snack Box: $22.95 a month

Click Here for Vegan Cuts

#4. NatureBox

"Eat Well. Live Better"

nature box subscription

NatureBox has a bit of a different business model to others on this list.

They are a members-only snack club offering wholesale pricing on all their products, which are made in-house.

Shoppers (or members, rather) can choose from over 100 healthy snacks from energy bars and fruit snacks to cookies and trail mixes. None of these can be found in stores or supermarkets.

Who is It For?

If you find it hard getting to a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, or if you like to pick and mix your snacks that were independently made by snack-geniuses, then this is for you.

What We Like, What We Don't Like

The snack offerings in Nature Box are pretty amazing. Clearly, there is a lot of research and development going on in the NatureBox snack lab.

I could live on the crunchy BBQ twists and coconut cashews alone. It sounds impossible, but I think I could do it. Like, really. Try me.

The only catch is the darn price (um, $8 for 2 packs of dried mango?).

That said, they are currently running a 14-day free membership and discount for new customers which is the best way to try them out and see if you think they are worth it.

How Much Does It Cost?

NatureBox membership: $5 a month, which gives you 40% off everything in their snack shop.

As of writing, there is actually another promotion running: 30% discount on first 3 orders using the code THIRTY3 at checkout.

Click Here for NatureBox


#5. Petit Vour

"The Luxury Destination For Cruelty-Free Beauty and Lifestyle"

petit vour subscription box

Petit Vour is a luxury, cruelty-free vegan beauty box curated based on your skincare needs and beauty preferences.

You’ll check a few boxes regarding your concerns (dry skin, wrinkles, acne) and they’ll adjust your preferences accordingly.

The site is more comprehensive than a lot of the competing options, as it’s a full-service e-commerce platform with everything from highlighters and eye cream to shoes and apparel.

The subscription box, however, is strictly beauty.

Who Is It For?

This product is ideal for beauty junkies. If you love glosses, eyeliners, and new scents, but also care deeply about clean ingredients and animal welfare, this is for you.

What We Like, What We Don't Like

The customization of your profile, which drives the items selected for the subscription box, is pretty cool and spookily-predictive after it gets going.

There's a nice earn back feature on points earned too (up to 4$ a month to claim back against any beauty item).

How Much Does It Cost?

Subscription box: $18 a month

Year in advance: $15 a month

Click Here for Petit Vour


#6. Urthbox

"A Monthly Box of Healthy Snacks"

urthbox vegan subscription box

Urthbox is food subscription service with a focus on organic and non-GMO drinks, snacks and treats, with an option for just about every specialized diet.

Although not specifically a total vegan affair, they have a large variety of vegan snacks for their boxes once you specify your options.

Who is it For?

An example box contains a smattering of goods. A real mix of sweets, and savories, drinks and snacks.

What We Like, What We Don't Like

A recent box came with things like a bottled juice, trail mixes, organic candy like gummies from Surf Sweets or Unreal snacks.

So you're not getting all-health foods. Instead, you'll get "better" version of some familiar items. Like peanut butter cups free from GMOs and HFC.

There's nothing wrong with this (and hey, the snacks really are yummy and there's a lot to try from) but for a company that markets itself as a purveyor of "healthy snacks" a lot of the offerings do include chips and candy.

We are just calling it for what it is, that's all.  Hey, we are all into vegan junk foods so no complaints here!

How Much Does it Cost?

Urthbox have a really good selection of price options depending on how much you want to snack:

Casual Snacker: $19.99 / 6+ snacks
Part-Time Snacker: $29.99 / 12+ snacks
Happy Snacker: $39.99 / 18+ snacks
Pro Snacker: $49.99 / 25+ snacks

As of the time of writing, there's a promotion out now for a free urthbox subscription. You can also snag an extra 10$ discount on top of that with this code: #URTHBOXHOLIDAY10

Click Here for Urthbox


#7. Goddess Provisions

"High Vibe Lifestyle Goods"

goddess provisions subscription box

This is a box designed with your "inner goddess" and spiritual growth in mind.

Each box is vegan and cruelty-free and comes with a variety of items ranging from superfoods to beauty items and - wait for it - healing crystals.

Who is It For?

This is for the vegan who takes her spiritual practice seriously. Think the gal who gets Reiki massages, hits the yoga studio on the regular and dabbles in the art of crystal healing.

What We Like, What We Don't Like

Goddess Provisions boxes have items ranging from vegan cookies and chocolates to essential oils and white sage (you know, for burning and dispelling bad energies and past regrets that cling to a certain room or place).

Since this isn't explicitly a beauty box, however, there's nowhere for you to say that you don't love purple eyeliner or that you're not a big lip gloss person.

That said, they are not trying to be a beauty box. This is more to do with spirit and healing, and if you yourself or someone you know is interested in this, this is as authentic and faultless as they come.

It's thumbs up from us as an ideal gift idea.

How Much Does It Cost?

Subscription Box: $33 per box a month, including 4 to 6 full-size products

Click Here for Goddess Provisions

 #8. Graze

"Exciting Vegan-Friendly Snacks!"

graze vegan subscription box

Graze is a personalized snack subscription that gives you the ability to customize your snacks from a deep pool of snack elements. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit items, granola, it’s trail mix heaven.

From there, Graze puts together some combinations best suited for your tastes and individual packages each one. The box is colorful and pretty darn appealing.

What's more is, if you don't love one of the offerings, like the snickerdoodle dippers or the cashew-heavy trail mix, you can let them know. After a few boxes, the company starts getting a sense of what you'll like or won't.

Who is it For?

People concerned about GMOs, artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup, and commercial additives. And people who truly believe small is beautiful (these are very pretty little packages).

What We Like, What We Don't Like

While $11.99 per box is reasonable and our box had lots to love, many others report feeling like they needed to chow down on a couple of snacks at a time because the portion sizes were so small.

We can certainly see how this can happen as the company goes for that minimalist, small-but-many approach.

How Much Does It Cost?

One-size box: $11.99 for each order, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly

Click Here for Graze


#9. Rawbox

"Get Raw Snacks and Healthy Products Delivered to Your Door"

rawbox vegan subscription box

Rawbox is a plant-based non-GMO subscription service, featuring raw food products and a handful of lifestyle items—like bath and beauty products.

The company ethos focuses on bringing raw food to the masses in a convenient subscription-based service.

Who’s It For?

A box for the gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free, vegan, and raw dieters, this box is a real boon for people looking for a way to learn about new products that fit their lifestyle.

Keep in mind, however, this box is better suited for people looking for more practical items like vegan Neosporin or a new supplement, not so much a new facial scrub or a vegan truffle.

What We Like, What We Don't

Raw Box isn’t going to fill you up for the long haul, as it comes every other month, but it is a great option for people with a long list of dietary restrictions or dietary objectives.

This is the whole idea behind raw foods, so if you are a diabetes sufferer or have high blood pressure, tire easily or are looking to lose weight as part of a raw diet, basically anything associated with the benefits of live enzymes, then this is for you.

It's also a good box if you like the variety. It can really be quite unexpected. Our vegan sample box contained trail mix and coconut jerky, with breath spray and a conditioner that smelt like fruit. In a good way.

How Much Does It Cost?

Subscription Box: $39.95 per box containing 10-12 items, delivered on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

Click Here for Rawbox

#10. Healthy Surprise

"Put Your Health on Autopilot"

healthy surprise vegan box

Healthy Surprise is a box dedicated to providing a range of healthy snacks to subscribers on a monthly basis. The classic box is vegan, corn-free, and gluten-free and comes with a good balance between snack foods.

Who’s it For?

Healthy Surprise is all about snacks and treats and ingredients therein. Strictly food items here, with lots of bars and paleo-friendly options.

What We Like, What We Didn't Like

The Healthy part is to do with the ingredient lists, which is not only free of all the artificial bad stuff but sourced from suppliers with transparent manufacturing processes.

You can even look at their Instagram to see on-location visits with their suppliers to see what I mean. I don't always think about where my coconut crystals come from so it's nice to see that level of commitment.

We weren't really feeling the 'Surprise' part of the equation though. Lots of run of the mill, predictable options, but with a real focus on quality and health.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Classic Box:  $42.49 and comes with 15 vegan snacks,

The Big Box: $63.49 and includes 21 snacks.

Click Here for Healthy Surprise

So Which Vegan Subscription Boxes Are Worth It?

Winner of the Beauty Contest...

When it comes to the vegan beauty subscription boxes, Vegan Cuts and Love Goodly were the stand out boxes for us.

Vegan Cuts beauty and make-up boxes routinely give customers a range of full-size products that, if purchased on their own, were almost twice what customers paid up front. Their quiz was also a really engaging way of building your profile for customizing your future orders.

Love Goodly. Well: love, love, love. The variety of beautiful and unexpected products alongside their stories create a unique subscription box experience. It can be a little nuanced and off the beaten path occasionally, so Petit Vour is a better bet if you are looking for out and out consistent, quality and predictable beauty products.

For Snack-o-holics...

In terms of past boxes, Healthy Surprise is the best bang for your buck. From kale chips to candy bars, to nuts and chews, they are sure to liven up your diet with new snacking possibilities.

But for this review at this moment in time, the 2 for 1 promotion right now plus the extra ten bucks discount on Urthbox ​makes it our pick and a fantastic option for gift-giving. There's always something in there to like.

When it comes to the kind of snacks that make you jump with glee when the day of your next subscription approaches, then that prize would go to Nature Box.

Nature Box is a definite must-try on their promo offers for new subscribers and they credit you for any snacks you don't like.

Have any super subscription boxes that rock we should know about? Leave us a note in the comments below!

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