Vegan Sugar Cookies For Christmas

This recipe is  dedicated to individuals whose holiday excitements has reached its peak. Individuals whose treat cravings have outpaced the typical store bought desserts will enjoy these Vegan Sugar Cookies For Christmas.

And so the countdown to perfectly tender, simple to make, not too sweet, vanilla-infused, amazing with frosting, and vegan cookies has begun. What better gift to give away than this new seasonal dessert. They are first beautifully baked, fluffy discs, and then they are tempting with buttery feel on top. Fortunately, it’s vegan butter and once you get a hold of these bad boys, you will want them all to yourself.

how to make vegan sugar cookies christmas

These recipe and photos were presented by Minimalist Baker. You can get the recipe for these Vegan Vanilla-infused Cookies here.

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