Vegan Sweet Brown Rice Bowl

A healthy, plant-based way to satisfy your hunger and taste buds with my favorite vegan food.  Try this Vegan Sweet Brown Rice Bowl. It’s loaded with fibers, minerals, and vitamins. I love cooking with rice because it is so versatile and it’s cheap and filling.

When people say eating a vegan diet is expensive I have to wonder what they are eating. Rice is one of my favorite things to cook and it’s super cheap. You can make everything Italian, to Asian, to American dishes all centered around rice. It’s so versatile and affordable I love easy vegan recipes based on to make vegan sweet brown riceYour stomach will start growling once you realize how delicious this recipe is. All of the ingredients are vegan and full of flavor. The rice is warm, fluffy and soft. It is naturally sweetened with maple syrup, gooey dates, and tender apples. Then they are made ridiculously creamy by a spoonful of melted almond butter.

The whole grain goodness of brown rice made this thing more hearty and chewy. This is fun to eat and visually appealing, especially when thoroughly mixed. If you want a quick and easy dish that is simple, delicious and filling you should definitely give this one a try.

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Running With Spoons. You can get this Vegan Sweet Brown Rice Bowl Recipe by clicking here.