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Vegan Sweet Potato, Cranberry, and Quinoa Power Bowl

Vegan recipes are filled with mouthwatering ingredients. This Vegan Sweet Potato, Cranberry, and Quinoa Power Bowl is a perfect example of that. Sweet potatoes may be my favorite vegan food of all time.

This vitamin rich and vibrant food will keep your busy life energized. The carbohydrate has been maligned by the media and so called health experts. But every cell in the body, particular your brain and muscles, thrive on carbs. There isn’t a more tasty source of healthy carbs that the sweet potato. It should be a major part of any vegan to make vegan sweet potato, cranberry, and quinoa power bowl

This clean, refreshing bowl of sweet potatoes, quinoa, fresh arugula, cranberry sauce, and mashed avocado is a fitting dinner meal. It’s packed with energizing goodness, vitamins, and antioxidants. This sweet, savory, and spiced to creamy and crunchy is wrapped in a pretty package.

And the slightly tangy and the spiced cranberries will leave you wanting for more. The fresh components: mashed avocado, a bit of arugula spritzed with lime juice also adds to the spectacular flavor of this power meal. You’ll be thanking the heavens this recipe was made.

You should also be thanking Blissful Basil for these wonderful photos and recipe. Enjoy this power-packed bowl; get the recipe for this Vegan Sweet Potato, Cranberry, and Quinoa Power Bowl here.

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