Vegan Pizza With Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato Crust

If you want a different take on pizza, then this Vegan Pizza With Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato Crust is one you should definitely try. You’ll fall in love with this fantastic recipe with mild roasted garlic flavor. When you went vegan, did you ever imagine vegan food would be so good?

Full disclaimer. Vegan pizza recipes, vegan burger recipes. and vegan desserts are my passion. Any time I find a new pizza recipe I get happier than a little kid waiting to see Santa Claus. I think Santa loves me too, even though he gets almond milk and vegan cookies at our house every year.

vegan roasted garlic pizza recipe

This is how pizza should be done. It has a beautiful roasted garlic sweet potato crust which is layered with homemade marinara sauce, fresh basil, chopped garlic, and vegan Parmesan. It is definitely fun and simple with delicious crust.

This delicious vegan pizza is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and with perfect balance of sweet and savory. The edges come out of the oven golden brown and the toppings are the perfect blend of pizza flavors. This is a vegan pizza to fall in love with.

Pizza is one of the greatest all-time leftover foods. Even if you are the only one eating it you can save the rest for later, pop it in the microwave, and you are good to go. And if you are a stickler for the crispy crust, just toss it back in the oven or warm it in a pan. It’s just as good on day three as it was the first day.

Just reading about vegan pizza makes me hungry so I bet you’re ready to make one. You can get this Vegan Pizza With Roasted Garlic Sweet Potato Crust Recipe by clicking next page below.

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