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Vegan Sweet Potato Fries With Roasted Onion Dip

Fries are naturally vegan and everyone loves fries right? New vegan fry recipes get me excited. There’s always something very comforting and satisfying about fries.  These Vegan Sweet Potato Fries will not disappoint.

You have to try this classic vegan recipe of baked thick-cut fries and onion dip. They are spectacular. The ingredients consist of thickly cut sweet potato, roasted onions, fresh parsley, vegan mayo and seasonings. So, it’s simple to make, but it’s mouth watering and  delicious! how to make vegan sweet potato fries

They are perfectly baked and lightly crunchy. In other words they are perfect when you bite into them just like fries should be. This vegan version of fries would be great with lunch, dinner, or snack, but of course you can make them any time of the day.

The secret to these fries is the roasted onion mayo dip. You will keep eating and dipping until you realize all of the fries are gone. Yes, it’s just that good. I don’t know what it is about a good dip but it makes me lose control. This delicious vegan dip recipe will definitely do that if you are not careful.

The Plant Strong vegan is responsible for these enticing photos and vegan snack recipe. Treat yourself today and try this Vegan Sweet Potato Fries by clicing here.

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