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Vegan Sweet Potato Hummus

For all my fellow vegan hummus enthusiasts, this Vegan Sweet Potato Hummus will get you very excited. I don’t think I have ever had hummus I didn’t love and this easy vegan hummus recipe is no exception. It’s unique and delicious.

Most hummus is based on chickpeas and has many health benefits to it. Not only can you dip almost anything in it, chickpeas do everything from provide protein to help with weight management and lower cholesterol. So why make a sweet potato hummus?how to make vegan sweet potato hummusThere are a million reasons why! You can still dip almost anything in it and it’s still good for you. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins C, A, and several B vitamins. You also get manganese, copper, and a ton of healthy fiber. Are you excited about vegan sweet potato hummus yet?

There is that one little issue of taste right? This hummus is no less delicious that those of the chickpea variety. We would describe it as a little sweet, a tad sour, and a little salty. It’s so dippable and spreadable you will be in love.

This easy vegan recipe has a good mix of sweet potatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, and black pepper. Then for the toppings, it features fresh spinach, peanuts, and dates. There are so many vegan foods in this great recipe. You will not be disappointed.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Happy Healthy Hunters. You can get this Vegan Sweet Potato Hummus Recipe by clicking here.

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