Vegan Sweet Potato Minestrone Chickpeas And Pesto

This Vegan Sweet Potato Minestrone Chickpeas And Pesto is not just another recipe. This is aimed to shine the light on the whole plant based foods and create perfect kick off soup. It’s a flexible, attractive and new kind of food goodness.

This is a squeaky clean delicious vegan recipe. This fresh take on minestrone soup is healthy and satisfying. Nothing can warm up your very soul like a delicious and healthy vegan soup recipe. This is one of those easy vegan recipes that delivers a big punch for the simple effort to make to make vegan banana pancakes sweet potato minestrone

There are fantastic ingredients making up this meal – pasta, vegan bacon bits, chickpeas and green beans stirred with baby spinach and garnished with Parmesan. There are also olive oil, pesto, onion, and carrots sautéed until soft and golden brown. There is so much great vegan food in this easy vegan recipe.

The frozen pesto adds incredible flavor to the soup base. And the vibrant red august tomatoes will put a smile on your face.  Finally, it is served with exquisite buttered grilled bread. Of course it’s not actual butter, but the flavors are rich and remarkable. You will love everything about this vegan soup recipe.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Sunday Morning banana Pancakes. You can get this Vegan Sweet Potato Minestrone Chickpeas And Pesto Recipe by clicking here.

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