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How To Order Vegan At Taco Bell

Ordering vegan at Taco Bell has always been one of the easiest options when it comes to fast food chains.

Their menu has excellent alternatives, much in keeping with Mexican food in general. Black beans, salads, salsa, jalapenos, rice… you didn’t have to look far for something to substitute in your tacos and burritos.  Then Taco Bell launched their Vegan Menu and we finally had certified vegan options and now know what is officially vegan on the menu. It was also a good sign of fast food chains paying attention to their vegan customers!

There were, however, a couple of mistakes made along the way with the menu. The taco bell rice ingredients, for example, were originally cooked with traces of butter, which was fine for the original Vegetarian Menu but not for vegans. But that was solved in June 2017 however and we now have seasoned rice – thankfully – back on the menu.

Ever since the Vegan Taco Bell Menu was launched we’ve been waiting to see dedicated Vegan menus spread across other fast food chains. It’s slow, but I’m sure it’s coming!

For now though, vegans looking for their fast food fix at Taco Bell can be more than satisfied with ordering any of the items below. It’s just a matter of knowing what individual ingredients are vegan and substituting that ingredient in the menu item.

As always, because it is vegan doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy – it’s good to be up to date on what processed sugars and starches are used in your food. But at least it means that you have vegan options at when you need something convenient, quick and filling, which is what fast food is supposed to be when it’s necessary!


Vegan Taco Bell Options: 5 of the Best

#1 Crunchwrap Supreme

Yes, you can enjoy that loud ‘crunch-ability’ vegan style! Remove the sour cream, nacho cheese and beef and replace with black beans. Asking for ‘al fresco’ will substitute the cream cheese with pico de gallo and you’re set!


#2 Bean Burritos

The staple of any Taco Bell, the bean burrito had always been the perfect vegan go-to before Taco Bell ever thought to create a vegan menu. They key here is to remove the sour cream and add the toppings below depending on how big and spicy you want it. Just beware that the fire sauce packet is not vegan and nor is the avocado ranch dressing.


#3 Seven Layer Burrito

Now that seasoned rice is back and certified vegan – hallelujah! –  there is no holding back on the seven layer burrito! All layers can be vegan while of course holding off on the sour cream.

#4 Spicy Tosada

Perfect with salsa and guacamole used as a replacement for the cheese and chipotle. Gordita flatbreads, the soft and hard  taco shells, and the tosada shells are all certified vegan, however just remember that the salad taco shells are not.


#5 Soft and Hard Tacos

With vegan shells, you can throw whatever you like from the options below for your custom made taco. Just remove the beef and replace with black beans and guacamole with all the trimmings.


And finally, one item which is not on the Taco Bell Vegan menu but is vegan: the Cinnamon Twists! Why they didn’t include this on the menu, who knows, but it certainly is vegan, and perfect if you have a sweet tooth. It is also perfect for a vegan breakfast at Taco Bell.



For all vegan options above and through the menu (minus the Cinnamon Twists!), you can go ‘al fresco’ using pico de gallo and swap out any ingredient to customize for those AVA Certified Ingredients below:

Sides and Ingredients

Black Beans
Pico De Gallo
Refried Beans
Fire Roasted Salsa
Seasoned Rice
Romaine Lettuce
Red Strips

Shells and Bread

Tostada Shell
Soft and Hard Taco Shell

Prepared Sauces

Red Sauce
Salsa Del Sol
Green Tomatillo Sauce
Mexican Pizza Sauce
Green Chili Sauce

Packet Sauces

Diablo Sauce Packet
Hot Sauce Packet
Mild Sauce Packet

There you have some pretty appetizing options from Taco Bell that any vegan can enjoy. And it’s weird because I don’t think I have ever met a vegan that didn’t like Mexican food. Maybe that’s just a vegan thing? If only it was as easy finding vegan options at McDonalds or vegan options at KFC, but at least Taco Bell is leading the way!

If you have any vegan tricks or tips for Taco Bell we would love to hear about them. Please comment and let us know or just send us message. We may update this article to include them so you’d be helping vegans everywhere with your advice!


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  1. Would be great if you could please thank the people who took the time to write this article instead of blaming them. You can always ignore this post. I don’t eat too much fast food. I love to cook my food fresh from scratch but sometimes if you’re in a rush or on the road, this info could save you time. Yeah you can always go to store and get a banana if you want, but not all people think the same… smh!!

  2. Of course there are better options out there but there have been many times Taco Bell has saved this vegan family after a day of swimming, hiking or going to the beach. Especially if you have very little money on hand. And when you are on the road, with vegan kids, you appreciate any options when you don’t have a kitchen or just don’t want to prepare something (even Super Vegan Mom gets tired). I live in southern California so I have a lot of choices but there have been times when Taco Bell has been the ONLY food we have found in a pinch.

  3. Thank you for this! Not vegan here, but my daughter has egg and milk allergies. I just looked up their allergen menu, and it’s one of the best I’ve seen, especially for fast food. Even buns aren’t always milk free most places.

  4. yes all thats true unhealthy and such but I doubt there are people out there who aren’t aware that they don’t prepare vegan options with the care that we use in our own kitchen ,it is nice to have an option if we should go there.

  5. Yea, I would still rather focus on healthy vegan options. The integrity of this company’s products still don’t fit a ‘wellness’ standard, or compassion towards our own body. To come across organic fruits and veggies that are cheap isn’t very difficult. Also, we must go back to preparing our food if we want it’s purpose to nourish us (on all levels) to be effective. Gotta promote other things than taco bell. This company is still not ethical and moral in their business, and yea, round up central. That’s still a very big deal.

  6. Don’t the refried beans have lard in them….an example, chipotle switched to a vegetarian prep for the pinto beans which previously were made with pork. Also make sure when buying them in a can to get the fat free/vegetarian version, otherwise they will contain lard.

  7. People who are just starting out vegan could get the wrong impression of what veganism is by all the negativity in comments to articles like these. GMOs, company ethics, hands and surfaces that touch meat, non-organic, etc. etc. These are viable topics, but I know lots of people, who might be open to the idea from an ethics point of view, that already think veganism is too hard and complicated to attempt. Articles like these help people who aren’t going to the farmer’s market and making everything from scratch and reading up an all the super healthy and environmental topics, to just find something to eat! As a relatively new vegan, I get put off by such high-and-mighty purity. So thank you to the authors of this article! Some of us appreciate it.

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I have always avoided Taco Bell because I didn’t know and ate at Taco Time instead because years ago a friend worked there and discovered all that was vegan.. We usually just stick with the veggie burrito with of course no cheese or sour cream. 😉

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