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Vegan Tangy Cheese Sauce

Even thought vegans don’t eat cheese they still love a cheesy tasting recipe. This Vegan Tangy Cheese Sauce is a plant-based cheese sauce with great flavor. It goes well with burgers, mac and cheese, or dip! It is tangy with a hint of smoky spice. Once you make it you will be pouring it on everything!

The eating habits of Americans include cheese in large amounts. From macaroni and cheese, pizza, grilled cheese sandwich, burritos, and even cheese in salads, this food enhancer is embedded. It is considered a great source of calcium and vitamins – but it’s really not healthy at all and a source of animal suffering. Cheese is a byproduct of milk production. And there is animal exploitation in the dairy industry. Switching from dairy products to cruelty-free alternatives is what we need to do. Vegan cheeses look like the regular cheese that melt like dairy-based cheese, and taste like the processed dairy cheese – without animal cruelty, and are dairy and egg free. Sounds impressive, right?

This is a tasty vegan version of cheese. This soy and gluten free cheese sauce is created from raw cashews, macadamia nuts, lemon, few shakes of hot sauce, and sauerkraut brine among others. It looks mesmerizing! You will definitely drool over it. This cheese sauce is great putting on a burger or pretzel. It is super creative, and looks so perfect. The ingredients are original and the result is heavenly.

how to make vegan tangy cheese sauceExpand your cheese horizon by trying this recipe. It’s the kinder, healthier, more satisfying option. Making it requires a little time and effort. You’ll love it on just about anything! I like that it’s great creamy taste and texture works so well on so many different dishes. From broccoli, to chips and burgers and everything in between.

And we haven’t even told you the best part of this recipe yet. In addition to learning how to make the most amazing cheese sauce ever, there is a great pretzel slider recipe you will absolutely love. I know you’re mouth must be watering by now, so click to the next page below to get both of these amazing recipes.

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  1. I use many vegan recipe websites. And I have used the internet for decades. Your site is very frustrating to use on a mobile device. Everything looks great and intriguing but requires much more patience than other sites unfortunately.

  2. On a side note I was able to access the recipe very simply oh my phone… just click to get to page 2 .. scroll to the bottom and click where it says ‘you can get recipe here’ it opens a page to the recipes original site. Fairly simple.

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