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Vegan Tangy Cheese Sauce

If you made it to this page then you are as excited about making this recipe as I was the first time I saw it. I’ll admit that I’m one of the staff members here at Very Vegan Recipes that eats a mostly whole food vegan diet. But when I do indulge in a recipe like this, I want it to be epic. This one is!

So first, let’s take a look at this incredible vegan cheese sauce. It’s a plant based cheese sauce with incredible cheesy flavor, and you will love it on vegan burgers, mac and cheese, Fondue, and even as a dip. If you are a vegan who often eats things like burgers and chips you will use this recipe often. It’s just that good.

The best way to describe it is tangy and smokey. I should say it has just the perfect hint of that smokey flavor that I think you will love. But the great thing about this vegan cheese recipe is you can tweak it to suit you. In fact I have some great idea already on how to slightly alter this recipe to make it perfect for different uses. I’m sure you will too once you try it.

The pretzel slider was made really easily and you can pretty much do that yourself. This version uses the Beyond Meat Beast Burger slider, but you could use any vegan burger you prefer. All you need after that is a nice pretzel roll and your imagination. Personally I like to stack it up high with a lot of veggies, then drizzle this amazing cheese sauce over everything to perfection. But my significant other likes just the burger with onions and cheese sauce. You make it however you like it!

So let’s get the recipe for this cheese sauce and start making it! It’s very easy so you will not have any problems preparing it no matter what your cooking experience. This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Spabettie. You can get this Vegan Tangy Cheese Sauce Recipe by clicking here.

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  1. I use many vegan recipe websites. And I have used the internet for decades. Your site is very frustrating to use on a mobile device. Everything looks great and intriguing but requires much more patience than other sites unfortunately.

  2. On a side note I was able to access the recipe very simply oh my phone… just click to get to page 2 .. scroll to the bottom and click where it says ‘you can get recipe here’ it opens a page to the recipes original site. Fairly simple.

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