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Vegan Tempeh Meatballs

Every wish you had a perfect vegan meatball recipe? These Vegan Tempeh Meatballs have a strong sweet and sour flavor and are incredibly easy to make. These meatballs are amazing they would work with most flavors and sauce.

If you’re a person that likes the idea of vegan meatballs but have found the store brands to be disappointing then you will definitely want to try this awesome vegan meatball recipe out. I think you could use them for several occasions but the sweet and sour recipe as is….excellent. Five stars for yummy vegan food!how tomake vegan tempeh meatballsLet me start by saying that this recipe is dynamite. You’ll be tongue-tied by how great these meatballs are. It imparts a very pleasing view that is particularly evident in the chunks of pineapple skewed on top of seasoned tempeh and panko meatballs covered in flavorful sauce. The tempeh is perfect for this recipe and is acceptable for most vegan diets.

These party appetizers are perfect golden brown and coated in a spicy pineapple-sweet and sour sauce. This recipe will make you feel better. And once you taste these, you’ll be making it again and again. If you make them as presented in the photo they are great as appetizers at parties or gatherings. But they are also perfect for a sit down family meal. It’s a versatile vegan recipe.

Oh My Veggies is the creator of these fantastic photos and recipe. Who would pass up a chance to experience this awesome recipe? Get the recipe for this Vegan Tempeh Meatballs here.

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