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Vegan Tempeh Taste Of Indonesia

Getting tired of the old recipe? This Vegan Tempeh Taste Of Indonesia is amazing. It’s really a super flavorful marinade stuck on a stick. In Indonesia they call it Satay, which I had never heard of before I found this amazing vegan recipe. You will fall in love with this dish even before you taste it.

Traditional satay is typically cooked using chicken stock. It’s originates in Indonesia where eating animals is nothing like you find in the US, but it still happens. Food on a stick is a creative way of serving tempeh or veggies of your choice. How fun, delicious vegan food on a stick! This plant based food will show you that no matter where you go, you can bring fun with you. It is an awesome idea.

vegan tempeh satay easy healthy plant based diet

You will admire the practical beauty of this recipe: vibrant color, seemingly exotic and unusual, but amazingly flavorful. This simple food on a stick is made with lemongrass stalk, sahllots, tempeh, red bell pepper, peanut butter and agave. Utterly amazing!

The components for the satay and peanut sauce compliment each other in taste and appearance. The tempeh and peppers are lightly charred in spots. And that creamy delicious sauce…WOW! These are going to be a huge hit to you and your friends and family. Tell them you are treating them to some Indonesian culture, then smile like a pro as the devour it and ask for more.

how to make vegan tempeh satay

Vegan recipes never ceases to amaze. But sometimes we either miss really great recipes or grasp them. Don’t let this one slip off your hand. There is more to its flavor and appearance, I guarantee.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Nutrition Stripped. You can get this Vegan Tempeh Satay Recipe at the link below.


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