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Vegan Thai Basil Coconut Brown Rice

If you’ve never thought of combining Thai flavors and lentils, you definitely have to try this out. This Vegan Thai Basil Lentils Toasted Sesame Coconut Brown Rice is extremely delicious. It has the right combination of spices. This masterpiece is a homemade healthy vegetarian, creamy, dairy free, easy, and super savory meal.

Thai foods are popular for its spicy, sweet, sour, and salty flavors. The unique combination of these flavors makes Thai dishes fantastic and one of the best in the Southeast Asian Cuisine. And though it is a little tricky to find vegan Thai food in restaurants, re-creating various recipes to make them vegan friendly is not very hard to do. Take this delicious hearty bowl as your to make vegan thai basil lentils and toasted sesame coconut brown rice

This bowl is full of warm colors. There are spicy peppers which add to the great flavor, large carrots cut into matchsticks, shelled sweet peas, baby corn, chopped basil leaves, toasted sesame seeds, and brown rice among others. They look so delicious.

It uses rocoto peppers which are really hot, but you can customize it and use any kind of spice. The coconut rice is an amazing idea. It adds a refreshing, rich and creamy flavor. It looks very appetizing and has the qualities you want your Thai food to possess.

You don’t have to go out and search for a restaurant that offers vegan Thai cuisine. Explore this cuisine in the comfort of your home. This filling rice bowl is super basic. All of the time and energy you put into this recipe will be worth it.

This vegan breakfast recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Gringalicious. You can get this Vegan Thai Basil Lentils Toasted Sesame Coconut Brown Rice by clicking here.

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