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Vegan Thai Wraps

Try experimenting wrap recipes with this easy vegan version. These Vegan Thai Wraps features tofu strips, a creamy, spicy nut butter spread, and lots of crisp veggies wrapped in tortilla. It’s definitely so good!

Eliminating meat fillings in wrap recipes may seem challenging since standard wraps are made with mix of veggies and fatty meat. But it’s really not hard to get rid of especially when there are tons of better alternatives you can use. This easy vegan recipe is a brilliant example.

vegan thai wraps healthy plant based dietThese wraps envelop crisp fresh vegetables and zesty sauce for a tasty lunch. It’s something with a little crunch but more than a salad. What’s really great about this food is that it’s made with cashew butter, fresh lime juice, Asian chili paste, shredded lettuce, carrot, chopped red bell pepper, bean sprouts, finely minced red onion, cut into strips extra-firm tofu, and lavash flatbreads.

Think this vegan food is amazing? You can get the recipe for these Vegan Thai Wraps on the next page below.

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