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Vegan Thai Yellow Curry

If there’s something that goes really well with rice – it’s curry. This Vegan Thai Yellow Curry is super healthy and so easy in the slow cooker. Thai food has always been a favorite of mine because it’s usually vegan, or very easy to convert to vegan.

There isn’t anything better at our house for dinner than a good vegan curry recipe. This is a slow cooker recipe which I really love because it make preparing dinner a snap. I just set it and forget it until it’s time for us to eat.


Every time one of my friends as me for an easy vegan recipe to try they always want to know if they will be able to make it right. That is where this one really shines. If you can put some ingredients in a slow cooker and turn it on then you can make this to perfection.

This recipe has a beautiful yellow color and has added golden raisins to give a sweet taste. It’s also very easy to make. There are literally only two instructions you need to follow. This dish is magnificent due to the combination of chickpeas, diced potatoes, crinkle cut carrots, golden raisins, finely chopped small orange pepper, lemongrass, and garam masala.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Veggie Chick. You can get this Vegan Thai Yellow Curry Recipe by clicking here.

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