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Vegan Thanksgiving Meal Planning!

I remember my first vegan Thanksgiving. We were going to my aunts home and I knew that nothing there would be vegan. I was so scared they would be offended if I brought my own vegan food to their Thanksgiving dinner. I was pleasantly surprised when everyone wanted to try the food I brought and I wound up wishing I had made more.

Not everyone has their first Thanksgiving as a vegan turn out so well. That is something you can’t control. All you can do is plan ahead, make the best vegan dishes you can make and let the chips fall where they may. You can’t force people to be accepting. But I think you’ll be surprised how many are. My best suggestion would be to not play host your very first Thanksgiving as a vegan. People are usually more than happy for you to bring your own dishes so it seems more normal.

So what do you cook? What are your vegan Thanksgiving dinner options? Over the years we have put together some great meals, plans, ideas and more. You can get them all starting on the next page.

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