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Vegan Holiday Roasted Veggie Bowl For Thanksgiving Or Christmas

This is a quick, easy, vegan holiday recipe that is perfect for Thanksgiving. I’m a fan of recipe bowls. If you missed out previous post on this taco bowl, or this amazing ckick’n brown rice bowl, you should definitely check them out. This easy vegan recipe follows in that same trend for the holidays.

This Vegan Thanksgiving Roasted Veggie bowl is great as a new vegan holiday meal idea. It’s great for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner but honestly this is something I would eat any time of year. So full of great vegan foods and flavors, all in a single bowl.

Vegan Thanksgiving roasted veggie bowl 2

With roasted Brussels sprouts, garlicky broccoli, sweet carrots and acorn squash, toasty pecans and lots of mashed potatoes, this vegan recipe is a thrill to eat. And you can top it with anything you like. Vegan gravy, cranberry sauce or anything you desire would only make this dish even better.

Maybe the best thing about making this easy vegan holiday recipe for Thanksgiving is you can prepare it in less than an hour. That means you get to serve everyone a delicious meal and still have time to enjoy the day with your friends and family.

Hat Tip to I Love Vegan for these incredible pics and this great vegan holiday recipe idea. You can get it on their blog by clicking here.

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