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Vegan Super Thin Pecan Cookies

Try these new Vegan Thin Pecan Cookies. They are nutty, buttery, bendable, and warm with crisp edges and chewy interiors. They also have seriously special flavor.

This is an amazing discovery and a bit gluttonous too. These blissful treats are whipped with homemade pecan butter and creamed with coconut sugar, brown rice syrup, and vanilla. This recipe got the texture just right. First, it has a rich toasted scent and a golden brown hue. Then, it’s light-as-air with comforting crunch in it. These kick the look of cookies up a notch by mixing chopped, toasted pecans. It’s insanely good. You’ll be salivating for days until you finally get your hands on these delicate thin cookies.

how to make vegan thin pecan cookies

All credit to Blissful Basil for these photos and recipe. You don’t have to hold back, this thing is vegan and gluten-free! Get the recipe for this Vegan Thin Pecan Cookies here.

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