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Vegan Tofu And Black Bean Tacos With Spanish Rice

Vegan Taco Recipe are the best in my opinion. These Vegan Tofu And Black Bean Tacos are healthy, light and an amazing vegetarian wrap. They are flavorful and well-seasoned. Plus, this recipe is easily customizable too!

Unless this is your first visit to my vegan recipe site then you know how much I love Mexican food. It is so full of flavor and delicious. Plus you can make any Mexican food vegan very easily. From the Tacos, nachos, rice, beans, to the toppings. Veganizing Mexican food is to make vegan tofu and black bean tacos with spanish riceYou can make these vegan tacos in a flash. They are so easy to prepare. Some may be hesitant about cooking tofu, especially if you are new to it. I say go ahead and learn tofu because it may be the most perfect vegan food ever. This recipe is a great place to learn how and you will love the result.

The mix of long grain brown rice, chipotle peppers, jalapeno pepper, extra-firm tofu, and black beans will make you stay for a while and make you crave. The tofu cooked well and attained a lightly golden brown hue. It looked more extraordinary placed on the warm tortilla alongside the lettuce, rice, and salsa.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Handful Of Raspberries. You can get this Vegan Tofu And Black Bean Tacos With Spanish Rice Recipe by clicking here.

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