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Vegan Tofu Po’ Boy Sandwich

I fully expect the vegan men to get excited about this amazing vegan po’ boy sandwich. But I know a lot of us ladies who enjoy a big hearty sandwich as well. Before I went vegan I would often enjoy a catfish po’ boy, shrimp po’ boy, or my personal favorite back then, the oyster po’ boy. But until finding this vegan recipe I thought I’d never get to eat a sandwich like that again.

This amazing creation features tofu cubes coated in Cajun seasoned cornmeal. The they are pan-fried to a crisp of absolute perfection! Then you take those perfect tofu cubes and stuff them into rolls piled high with fresh crisp veggies. And the whole thing is topped of with an incredible vegan remoulade sauce. All of that together makes these tofu po’ boy sandwiches vegan masterpieces.

vegan tofu po boy sandwich recipe

The real secret to this amazing sandwich is the remoulade sauce. With horse radish mustard, garlic, cayenne pepper sauce and paprika, it will awaken those taste buds. I promise you will not miss eating dead shrimp carcass when you bite into this beauty. You get all that flavor guilt free. So enjoy.

This incredible sandwich is the creation of Alissa at connoisseurusveg and you get get it by clicking here.

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