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Vegan Triple Chocolate Cake

Do you ever feel like you need more chocolate? This Vegan Triple Chocolate Cake belongs to you and your sweet tooth. It’s good for your healthy diet and you probably have all the ingredients for this on hand. Don’t stop with chocolate, or double chocolate. Make your vegan heart happy with this triple chocolate vegan cake recipe.

A delicious cake is the one thing you really want if you’re craving for something sweet, soft, fluffy, and covered with pretty decorations. It’s a kind of dessert that both kids and adults would look forward to. This easy vegan recipe is amazingly delicious and with easy to follow instructions.

vegan triple choco cake plant based easy healthy diet

Chocolate cake with chips and appealing drizzle is pure goodness. This plant based dessert is made using non-dairy milk which is perfect for gluten intolerant and people with severe egg allergy. You should have seen it coming – whole wheat flour, cocoa powder, mashed bananas, pure vanilla extract, lemon juice, chocolate chips, and pure maple syrup made this cake perfect.

Soft, spongey cake draped with deep chocolate drizzle is just one clever idea. The garnish requires special attention: it has to have a unique taste that will travel down your center. And this recipe did a good job! The chocolate splatter looks stunning and super tempting. A quick fact, chocolate is actually a healthy vegan food in it’s pure form.

how to make vegan triple choco cake

Pamper your friends and family with this easy favorite. This recipe has made baking easy for first-timers. Bringing glamour back this food is crazy delicious and will make your guests want to stay.

This vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Lauren Kelly Nutrition. You can get this Vegan Triple Chocolate Cake Recipe by clicking here.

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