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Vegan Triple Chocolate Caramel Brownies

This vegan brownie recipe has me speechless. Imagine making these vegan triple chocolate caramel brownies for your friends and family. Or better yet, imagine cooking this vegan brownie recipe just for you. Ok, that may be going overboard a little bit. You really should cook the whole batch and share with those you love, right?

Just look at these brownies and try to keep your mouth from watering. Made with two different kinds of dark chocolate and topped off with a salty caramel sauce, these brownies are a vegan dessert masterpiece. Stack them up high if you really want to impress your guests. Mission accomplished. Hey yummy, sweet, vegan food, get in my mouth.


Of course these brownies are vegan but they are also paleo as well. I don’t personally care about the paleo thing but I have friends and family that do. But cooking up these amazing triple stack vegan brownies I am able to make everyone happy. Is it cliche’ to just say OMG? This may be the first time a vegan fudge brownies recipe made me speechless.

The centerpiece of this amazing vegan brownie recipe is organic cacao superfood powder. Forget buying that Hershey’s chocolate stuff. If you want high quality results use a high quality ingredient. Vegan food is all about excellence. If you don’t have a favorite vegan cacao superfood powder try this one. If you are really into brownies, check out this recipe for vegan black bean brownies too.

These mouth watering pictures and amazing vegan dessert recipe are courtesy of Cotter Crunch. You can learn how to make this Vegan Triple Chocolate Caramel Brownie recipe by clicking here.

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