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Trucker Goes Vegan, Loses 65 Pounds!

All of us have made excuses in our lives. People can find all kinds of reasons to not go vegan. But this trucker proves that anyone can do it. He also proves the health benefits are amazing.

Bobby Anderson is known as the plant fueled trucker. He was overweight, on medication for depression and high blood pressure, and he needed a change. That is when he made the decision to go on a plant based diet. For someone who is on the road 6 days a week to make their own meals proves anyone can do it!

His life has completely changed. He now has a Facebook page with over 12k followers. He has lost 65 pounds. And he is off all of his medications! He story really is unbelievable. Get one of his favorite recipes on the next page and see his video from the Today Show.

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