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Vegan Ultimate Taco Salad

This Vegan Ultimate Taco Salad is a great way to get that taco craving fix in a healthy way. It’s amazing and super easy to prepare. I really like to make this delicious vegan choice as a standalone meal. Of course it could also be eaten ahead of a nice entree at dinner as well.

Get ready to spread your wings and fly. This vegan meal is so light and delicious it’s almost like you’re floating through the air! Farro, mild salsa, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, smoke paprika, and chili powder matched and blend to replace the ground beef. They have nice and chewy texture. Simply glorious!how to make vegan ultimate taco salad

This hearty meal has a striking creamy lime dressing. It’s made from raw cashews and fresh lime juice. Then it has bold flavors from tossed chopped romaine lettuce, sliced green onions, black beans, fire-roasted corn kernels, cilantro, lime wedges, and guacamole. This delightful recipe looks delicious. The salad, taco meat, and dressing produced a very pleasing visual combination.

You can see just from looking at these beautiful photos from Oh My Veggies that this salad is going to be epic. Any time you can combine the great healthy benefits of a salad with the tastes you crave like Tacos, it’s a win. It’s ok, you can make this vegan feast, dig in, and feel great about it.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Oh My Veggies. You can get this Vegan Ultimate Taco Salad Recipe by clicking here.

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