Raw Vegan Valentines Day Cake

Less nuts and more avocado in a cake? Yes, that’s possible! This Raw Vegan Valentines Day Cake is also egg, dairy, meat, and wheat free.

This cake recipe can make you will feel like a royal living a fantasy. The crust is made from smoothed coconut oil and dates. Then some chunky walnuts are added. And the filling is very smooth and creamy too! The topping is on the spot. This cake has one of the prettiest decorating ideas. The icing swirls on top is a combination of cocoa powder, rice milk, and vanilla. Discover a thousand more reasons to love this recipe once you make it.

how to make valentines day raw cakeThis vegan dessert recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Lili’s Vegan Blog. You can get this Raw Vegan Valentines Day Cake Recipe by clicking here.

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