Vegan Vegetable And Dumpling Soup

You will love this Vegan Vegetable And Dumpling Soup. It’s a unique take on the standard soup recipe that isn’t vegan. It’s been made into a delicious vegan soup recipe that’s even better than the original. It’s tasty, fresh, and healthy.

Fall means holiday recipes and cooler weather. For most people, cooler weather means warm comforting soup recipes. I really like this as a vegan holiday soup recipe because it’s so hearty. With the great fall flavors and those big delicious dumplings. We actually had this as the main course for Thanksgiving a few years to make vegan vegetable and dumpling soupIt only takes all-purpose flour, large carrots, dried dill, bay leaves, potatoes, and a bunch of fresh parsley to make this flavorful holiday soup recipe. Isn’t it delightful to know that you can make perfect dumplings without the use of eggs? Isn’t it brilliant to have a divine sweet broth with only carrots and to have a balanced flavor and added color using only fresh parsley?

This easy vegans soup recipe really is hearty enough to carry the entire meal if you desired. It can also be just one course in a meal as well. It’s so versatile and delicious that how you use it doesn’t really matter. You will love it as well as your many guests. This is easily one of our favorite vegan holiday recipes for soup.

This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of Sandra Vungi Vegan. You can get this Vegan Vegetable And Dumpling Soup Recipe by clicking here.

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Looks delicious! Thanks

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(I love dumplings) Jammie Gulino

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Omg!!!!! I was just telling my mom how I wish there was a vegan recipe that would be similar to her chicken and dumplings soup I grew up eating! I’m so going to try this this weekend!!! Thank you! It looks delicious! Yay!!! ?

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Mae Joseph this is making me drool…

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Sandy Loman Doane this looks good!

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I just posted this vegan minestrone recipe for anyone interested! Yay, vegans!

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More info on being a healthy vegan please who agrees?

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Omit the oil and this recipe becomes heart healthy, too.

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