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21 Mouth-Watering Veggie Burgers

Here are 21 amazing veggie burger recipes. Some of vegan burgers and others are vegetarian burgers. For vegans, it’s an easy tweak to convert the vegetarian burgers into vegan burgers in a snap. Usually this just involves leaving off the cheese and using a vegan mayo.

Vegetarian Burgers are good for the planet

The cost of production of meat is quite great which contributes to a high carbon, water, and human footprint which is the opposite for vegetables. If the aforementioned footprints are high, it means that it is damaging our planet greatly, making our home unsustainable for future generations. And of course there is all of the cruelty involved in eating meat products. When we choose meat-free options we are helping the planet and preventing suffering for many innocent animals.

This list of 21 Mouth-Watering Veggie Burgers will give you a lot of options to consider. It should be noted that that some of the burgers in this list are vegetarian but with a few simple substitutions they can be made vegan. Get the recipes on the next page below!

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