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Vegan Veggie Meatball Subs

Take a juicy bite with lots of glaze coming out of these Vegan Veggie Meatball Subs. Sweet, savory and a bit spicy – you wouldn’t get enough of the flavor combo. This easy vegan recipe replaces the typical unhealthy, fat-loaded versions sabotaging your health. These mini meatballs are absolutely tasty and fabulous!

A fusion of Asian and Mexican flavors doesn’t sound so bad. Making meatballs used to be a challenge, but with this easy vegan recipe, you don’t have to worry about a thing. It is so fun to make and totally customizable. But don’t get confused because these meatballs do not contain any animal meat or by-products. Instead, these are whipped from pure plant based ingredients which are more appetizing and better for health.

vegan mini veggie meatballs plant based easy healthy diet

These little beauties use pure maple syrup, chopped chipotle chilies in adobo sauce, scallions, homemade vegan meatballs, a handful of baby kale, vegan mayo and homemade mini sub. Each ingredient is equipped with powerful health boost, and the leafy green vegetables contain healing properties and antioxidants that will help improve the body. These will definitely make their debut at your next dinner party!

If you’re down for these captivating food, you can get the recipe for these jaw-dropping tasty Vegan Veggie Meatball Subs on the next page below.

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