Vegan Veggie Noodles In Hoi Sin Sauce

If you love traditional Chinese recipes and flavors then you will love this Vegan Chinese recipe. This is a creating that brings in some of the best parts of Chinese cooking into a new and delicious recipe you will love.

There is a lot of flavor and fresh in this easy vegan recipe. It all starts around some spicy peppers, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, noodles, and of course the Hoi Sin sauce. Bursting with flavor you will really love digging into this amazing vegan recipe.


If you are not familiar with Hoi Sin sauce you should be. It’s full of flavor and a staple of many tradition Chinese recipes. It’s used as a glaze, in stir fry, and as a dipping sauce. It’s rich and thick with a sweet and salty taste.

Basically it’s a noodle recipe with a lot of flavor and stir fried veggies. It calls for aubergine, onion, peppers and mushrooms. If you’re a creative cook you could add to or make substitutions to git your specific taste of course. Or just make this recipe ‘as is’, it won’t disappoint.

I like to kick up the heat on my vegan recipes so I took some liberties with this recipe and added some more hot peppers. It worked out great. If you want to customize this vegan noodle recipe you certainly can. Of course the basic original recipe is awesome as is.

If you are ready to bring out your inner Asian Chef, let’s do it! You can find this recipe for Vegan Veggie Noodles In Hoi Sin Sauce by clicking next page below.

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