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Vegan Veggie Sandwich Supreme

There is nothing better for lunch than a vegan veggie sandwich. I can remember the days when I thought a veggie sandwich was missing something. Boy was I wrong. You can load up your veggie sandwich with so many flavors and colors. This vegan sandwich is a great example.

If you are like me you can remember the days when you would have a heavy fattening lunch. I would take a lunch break and go for a burger or pizza and worse. Then you feel tired and groggy the rest of the day. That is my favorite thing about eating healthy vegan food. It’s all part of a vegan diet than just makes you feel better.


This vegan veggie sandwich recipe is simple but brilliant. You can have it for lunch and just dive right in. Enjoy all of that great taste and nutrition knowing that it won’t slow you down the rest of the day. In fact, if you try this easy vegan recipe for lunch you will actually feel better in the afternoon. Try it and see.

While the veggies are always the star of the show there is actually something brilliant doing the behind the scenes work here. It’s an amazing almond ricotta loaded with lemon zest, garlic, and basil base. It is so rich, light and full of flavor that it really sets the vegetable flavors off. It all comes together in a way you have to taste to believe.

These beautiful photos and easy vegan sandwich recipe are courtesy of the Scaling Back Blog. You can learn how to make these incredible Vegan Veggie Sandwich Supreme by clicking here.

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