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Vegan Vietnamese Rolls And Tangy Sauce

Find a treasure hiding somewhere in your kitchen and create something healthy. These Vegan Vietnamese Rolls And Tangy Sauce are light and refreshing. When you chew on these, you will feel different flavors bursting in your mouth and with a zap of peanut sauce.

You don’t need something to bleed to have a delicious food. But it takes simple ingredients to take you higher than you’ve ever been. The surprise never ends when it comes to vegan rolls recipes. And the more you bite the more you will see.

vegan viet rolls with peanut sauce easy plant based healthy diet

Packed with crispy veggies, hearty rice noodles and delicate brown rice wrapper, this plant based food is going to fulfill all your wildest creamy, savory desires.  Cilantro, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, onion, and boston lettuce leaf all layered in a delectable order. These ingredients will keep your health looking great always.

Strategically cut veggies into matchsticks, wrestled with sticky brown rice noodles, layered with fresh cilantro leaves, and then tightly rolled. These extremely light rolls look amazing and yet hardly took any effort. Using white rice wrappers showcases the vegetables inside beautifully. And the noodles added heartiness and blend in with the other ingredients seamlessly.

how to make vegan viet rolls with peanut sauce

I can’t imagine better flavors that go together, can you? I know you know better than to choose cruelty filled meals. Anything you believe you will reach if you choose to. This vegan recipe and beautiful photos are courtesy of The Beautiful Balance. You can get this Vegan Vietnamese Rolls And Tangy Sauce Recipe at the link below.


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