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Inspirational Vegan Health And Weight Loss Story

I remember always being stressed about weight loss. I wanted to lose weight more than anything in the entire world. I needed to lose about 30 pounds at one point and it was depressing. I tried starving myself. I took several different diet pills. I thought I had tried every thing possible to lose weight. But I was wrong.

My problem wasn’t about weight loss. It turns out I was worrying about the wrong thing! When I first went vegetarian (and later on vegan) I wasn’t thinking about losing weight at all. I was worried about my health. I was getting break outs on my face, I always felt tired and it seemed like every day I had a new pain.

Have you ever been there before?

Weight Loss vs Health

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A friend and my sister convinced me to give up meat so I went vegetarian. In just a couple of days I started feeling amazing. A year later I went vegan and began to feel even more amazing. During all of that I never once thought about my weight! I was just trying to eat as many delicious vegan foods as possible. And during all of that something amazing happened.

I lost 60 pounds without even thinking about it. I wasn’t doing an exercise program. I wasn’t doing any crazy diet. I was just eating healthy and loving it. In fact I have been eating more food than I ever thought possible! And the weight continues to come off. So many people ask me how I did it? I wrote a book that details exactly how I eat tons of delicious vegan food and lost 60 pounds without even trying!

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Many people aren’t impressed with my 60 pound weight loss. So I want to introduce you to someone else. On the next page you will meet Heather. Heather went vegan and lost 125 pounds! Her weight loss is amazing. Her inspiring story and amazing photos are on the next page below.

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