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Vegan White Bean Shepherd’s Pie

Forget chicken pot pie. You want this vegan pot pie! If you’re looking for gluten-free and plant-based alternative to chicken potpie, then you’ve discovered the perfect recipe. This Vegan White Bean Shepherd’s Pie is the ultimate comfort food. It’s both tasty and easy to prepare.

The chicken pot pie dates back many centuries. It was a staple among poor urban farmers then and has continues. The vegan pot pie is much newer. It also happens to be much healthier and in my opinion, more delicious. The get a healthy vegan food that will wow your taste buds and your sense of vegan diet tomake vegan white bean shepherds pieThis recipe will turn you head over heels because of its goodness. It looks warm, chewy, flavorful, and satisfying meal. The trick to this beautiful dish is the combination of potatoes, cauliflower, and veggies which go well together with the filling. This is a rich, dense, hearty and filling vegan recipe that will satisfy the strongest hunger.

The mashed potatoes are spread over and all the way to the pan’s edges sealing the white bean filling. If you want something that is heavy and bold then try this. Got a big man in the family that is hard to fill up at dinner. Server him this recipe and watch him smile with satisfaction. And did we mention it’s gluten free as well as vegan?

Veggie Primer is responsible for these genius photos and recipe. You can get the recipe for this Vegan White Bean Shepherd’s Pie here.

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