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Vegan Whole Wheat Flax Pancakes

If you’re super hungry, then you should try this Vegan Whole Wheat Flax Pancake Recipe. When you can eat something delicious with a specific health benefit then you are loving your body. And when it’s delicious you are loving your taste buds. You’ll be impressed by how simple it is to make and the natural sweetness it has.

What is so great about flax seeds and flax powder? What is flax such an amazing vegan food? There are several reason but the main one is the omega 3 fatty acids. When your omega 6 and 9 ratio to omega 3 is out of proportion you are susceptible to all kinds of health problems. A daily dose of flax powder fixes that. And what better way to get it than in some delicious pancakes!how to make vegan whole wheat flax pancakes

This thing deserves a rating above excellent. It’s comforting to know that these flat cakes are egg free, oil free, and dairy free and used banana to sweeten and hold the batter together. This stack of good healthy pancakes is gorgeous topped with homemade raspberry pineapple chia seed jam. They look incredibly fluffy and delicious.

Cut them into two, take a bite and you’ll be in paradise. Make them now and pour a little maple syrup over them for an even more stunning breakfast. If you thought a vegan breakfast had to be fruit or a smoothie then think again. This vegan pancake recipe is heart healthy and incredible. Eat it feel good about your vegan diet.

All credit belongs to Veggie Inspired for these photos and this amazing vegan breakfast recipe. Invite your friends and have a pancake party. Get the recipe for this Vegan Whole Wheat Flax Pancake by clicking here.

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